Sorgin is a Premium Distilled Gin made with carefully selected aromatic plants and citrus fruit. Based on an original recipe, Sorgin was inspired by François Lurton’s particular attraction to one grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc, in order to create a fruity, delicate Distilled Gin. This distilled gin is a bridge between wine and spirits. Sorgin (witch in Basque) refers to Sabine’s French Southwest origin and to the conviviality, embodied by Basque celebrations.

  Sorgin is unique with its grape base (wine eau de vie) and its natural Sauvignon Blanc aromas, which are blended with Juniper and 6 various botanicals: citrus zest (pink grapefruit, lemon & lime), violet, broom, and blackcurrant buds. A fruity yet delicate gin.

  A year after Sorgin creation, Sabine and François Lurton innovated with a limited edition by releasing the first batch of Yellow Gin. A limited-edition aged for 6 months in oak barrels previously used to age white Pessac Léognan wines (Bordeaux area).

  S de Sorgin is the latest creation of Sabine & François. The winemaker’s savoir-faire brings a new approach to gin. The freshness of the wine is elevated by natural seasonal aromas such as pink grapefruit, cranberry, and French fig, creating a pleasant balance to taste as a long drink