Les fumées blanches

Domaine Les Fumées Blanches is in the Gascony area, in the South West of France. A place well known for the sumptuous spirit of Armagnac. It’s in 1997 that François Lurton and his brother Jacques found this unknown terroir, the perfect place to grow and express the true character of Sauvignon Blanc


Mas Janeil is located in SouthEast of France at the foot of the Corbières, in the heart of the famous Agly Valley. Our vineyards are planted on a wide variety of soils with different sun exposure, produce perfect grapes, which are meticulously vinified on site. The aim is to reveal the purity of the windswept terroirs, while respecting the vines by using ustainable agricultural methods, as well as winemaking techniques as natural as possible.


The history of the “Hermanos” Lurton began in 1992, in Rueda, with the discovery of its unique native grape variety : Verdejo. Jacques and François fell in love with the variety. It was not long before the innovative pair were using their expertise to revolutionize the style of wines in the appellation. Looking for an estate on which to produce great red wines, they naturally turned to the D.O. Toro appellation. François discovered exceptional old parcels of Tinta de Toro, such as “Cuesta Grande”.


François Lurton planted his vines in the Uco Valley, in the foothills of the Andes Cordillera, at an altitude of 1,100 m, in semidesert conditions (the poor, gravelly alluvial soil is reminiscent of
PessacLéognan). A pioneer of the Uco Valley, he built his winery, Bodega Piedra Negra, in the heart of 200 hectares of virgin land acquired in the middle of what, a few years later, would become the Geographical Indication of “Los Chacayes”.


Francois Lurton and his wife Sabine Lurton, decided to relaunch the historical activity of family distillation in 2016 in South-West of France. The viticulture activity of Domaine Les Fumées Blanches allows them to benefit from the best selections of Sauvignon Blanc for their first project: create the first Gin made from Sauvignon Blanc : Sorgin.

Récapet Armagnac

Created in 2021 by Sabine and François Lurton, Récapet Armagnac celebrates the heritage passed down by Léonce Recapet, François’s great-grandfather, a passionate and innovative distiller.

Domaine de Nizas

In Languedoc-Roussillon, François Lurton crafts the Nizas wines in a style that expresses the essence of each terroir. All fruit is harvested at optimum ripeness and with a good balance of sugar and acidity, allowed by the excellent and diverse soils, wide diurnal temperatures, and precision pruning.