About Us

Our beginnings :

After having created the same structure to distribute its wines in France and Spain, Francois Lurton decided to create Pardela Wines USA in 2020. Grape Grower, Winemaker, and Pioneer, Francois had the project to offer his own wines to share his knowledge and passion with a unique understanding of his distribution around the country. Aware of the importance of a permanent presence, he quickly formed a local team composed of import and distribution specialists to develop the distribution network in the US.

our mission

Our mission is to develop a network of meaningful and collaborative partnerships across the US to expand the culture, exposure and availability of our Lurton family owned, sustainable, & organic wines.

Today :

Pardela Wines USA has grown exponentially over the past few years, and today, we share our distinctive and diverse portfolio of wines with 15 US markets and growing.

Built on the same foundation upon which the company was founded, our mission remains the same to select and offer wines from the Domaines Francois Lurton with the best value, service, support and education expected by the U.S Market.

our portfolio

As we are a “family” owned enterprise, we have the privilege to represent unique vineyards owned by Francois Lurton from 3 different countries.

In SouthWest of France, our Domaine Les Fumées Blanches today represent the torchlight of the appellation with the production of a unique Sauvignon Blanc for which Francois Lurton is
worldwide recognized as an expert of this grape variety.

The Mas Janeil in SouthEast of France. 35 hectares of vines, planted on a wide variety of soils
with different sun exposure, produce perfect grapes, which are meticulously vinified on site. The
aim is to reveal the purity of the windswept terroirs, while respecting the vines as much as
possible by using sustainable agricultural methods, as well as winemaking techniques that are
as natural as possible.

Our Spanish winery Hermanos Lurton in DO Toro and DO Rueda where winegrowing has gone on
in the region for centuries: the Catholic Monarchs were producing wellreputed wines here as
early as the 15th century. In these large terroirs with a strong identity, intersected by the Duero River, the vines grow in poor, deep, sandy and gravelly soil, known as “canto rodado”.

And finally, our Bodega Piedra Negra in Argentina. This unique winery is located in the Uco Valley
80 km south of the city of Mendoza and runs alongside the legendary route 40. It was not by
chance that we chose this southern valley. Scaling the foothills of the Cordillera, we were looking
for cool, poor soil, and extreme conditions, which have proved to be excellent for wine
production. Thanks to the microclimate of this highaltitude desert, with very welldrained,
relatively infertile, alluvial gravel soil, the wines of the Uco Valley, and especially those of
Chacayes, have a unique personality, which combines freshness and concentration. Pioneer in
the region, we propose the wines that allowed, in 2016, the creation of the official Geographical
Appellation “Los Chacayes”.

our team :

Joannes Chanfray

Brand Ambassador us

- Chicago IL -

(708) 697-0945


Born in France, and more particularly in Condrieu, a small village famous for its Viognier, Joannès grew up surrounded by the Condrieu and Cote-Rotie vineyards and soon developed a strong interest in wine.

 After studying economics and management in France and abroad, he worked in business development for vineyards in Provence, Champagne, and Rhône Valley. In June 2023, after immersing himself in the vineyards of the Francois Lurton group, Joannès landed in the United States to promote the group’s products.

 A passionate traveler, his trips have enabled him to discover numerous vineyards, including those in South America. Loving gastronomy, his travels are an opportunity for him to light on ever richer and more original food and wine pairings.

Don morse


- Austin TX -

(254) 421-9005


With more than 24 years of experience and success in the wine industry, Don brings a wealth of knowledge and executive prowess from every corner of the 3-tier system to Pardela USA. Based in Texas, Don believes in a healthy work and family life balance; he is a proud father of 2 and enjoys traveling with family in his off time. He has a passion for wine, grilling, and writing music.

adrien granel

Market manager Florida

- Miami FL -

(202) 993-8027


French native and after several experiences in Bordeaux and training at Francois Lurton’s wineries, Adrien moved to the US to develop the presence of wines and to do what he enjoys the most : the interactions with wine lovers !

Passionate about this sector, Adrien brings his expertise and anecdotes to the table as he travels around the US. Family and friends oriented; Adrien is a former rugby player in France.

He cultivates a particular liking for outdoor and board sports (running, biking, tennis, surfing & skiing). A great lover of simple pleasures: coffee in the morning, good reading, good meals with friends & family, always with wines that tell stories and are designed to be shared.